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Guidance- plus additional information and images
Miscellaneous WWI  friends & alliesTechnique
Author's IntroductionAmerican Expeditionary ForceCarte d' Visite format
Apologies for Duff InformationAustralian Imperial Force Cabinet Photo format
Every Photo was taken for a reasonCanadian Expeditionary ForcePostcard format
Protocol: Photographs of CouplesSouth Africa Gem portrait
Protocol: Where is Mum?New ZealandSeaside Tintype format
Protocol: "Say Cheese" Polyfoto format
Beware of BabiesBelgian SoldierContinental Photograph
Beware of the ElderlyFrench SoldierNames, Pet-names and nicknames
Craftsmen's CostumePortugese soldierT.I.C Postcards date symbols
Tradesmen's CostumeItalian SoldierCar registrations
Mill GirlFishing boat numbersTrade Directories
Tempus Fugit Army-Which Era ?
Mourning Army- Edwardian
Fisherman's Gansey Army- Great War
Name Brooches Army-Peacetime 20s & 30s
  Army- World War 2
  Army-National Service
  Army Officer-Which War ?