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Great War  • Infantry Uniform 1914-1918

Army Great War • Woolen drab tunic & Khaki drill tunic
This is the tunic introduced in 1908.
Thousands of men were to fight and die in this uniform.
It has become common practice to call all British army brown uniforms Khaki pronounced :carkey- The Urdu word for dust-colour..
Khaki was the colour of the tropical uniform seen below.
The colour of the uniform worn on the Western front was "drab".
This Private from the Norfolk Regiment wears the same cap badge and brass "Norfolk" shoulder titles as his Edwardian counterpart.
For most Infantry Regiments collar badges were discontinued for the duration of the war. There are exceptions but as a rule of thumb, collar badges on the 1908 tunic indicate a post war photograph.
This woollen tunic has 5 large brass General Issue buttons and 4 smaller pocket buttons.Sewn in thick wire hooks support the 4 inch 10 cm wide webbing belt. Not in the picture he will be wearing puttees round his calves.

Khaki tropical dress was worn by soldiers fighting in the Middle East.
Made from Khaki cotton drill and with a short standing collar, it had similar basic design to the drab woollen tunic above but was a lighter weight material.
The cap, boots, belt and puttees are no different to the uniform above.