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INDEX • Nineteen Thirties

1930 to 1939
Hair & Hats ClothingOther
The PermThe Thirties LookVoilet date stamp (Jerome)
Coalscuttle hatThirties KnitwearCinema Studios
The BeretDress bib featureRegulation Swimwear-Men
Small hat with motifShortsRegulation Swimwear-Women
Soft Waved BobTwo-tone ShoesWhite Belted Swimsuit
Turned-up CollarFur collarTwo-piece Beachwear
Thirties SpectaclesGingham Check dressKeep-Fit Movement
Coxcomb CurlsSports JacketSchool Jersey
 Flap Collar DressSwimsuit or Trunks?
 Late Thirties DressHoliday Sandals
 Placket Front Dress 
 Men's double breasted suit