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Twenties/Thirties hairstyle  • The Soft Waved Bob

Covering the transition between the late twenties and early thirties
hairstyle A hybrid hairstyle between a twenties Bob and a thirties Perm.
The faces belong to the nineteen-twenties, their coy beauty is that of the "silent-screen" actresses.
The Bobbed hairstyle too is twenties.
The soft waves are thirties.
The look is less severe than a plain Bob but not quite polished enough to be thirties.
Bolder young women of this period were opting for the Shingle hairstyle others were gradually converting Bobs into Perms.
twenties hairstyle

Photograph above left : Sarony Gt Yarmouth… inscribed Xmas 1929 from Rose

Date 1929: Age about 16 years old  • Estimate: born 1913 ± 5 years

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