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Twenties hairstyle  • The Shingle

Introduced 1923 and continued with modifications to about 1933
The original Shingle was a very short tapered cut, exposing the hairline at the back of the neck.
Nearly all the bobbed hairstyles I have seen are hybrids of the named styles.
It was the popularity of the Shingle and its modifications which closed the chapter on long hairstyles.
The Shingle often required hair grips or hairslides to control the sides.
Later modifications of the Shingle allowed longer sides, a fringe and in the early thirties, a longer back.
This allowed Perms permanent waves made with heat or chemicals to be applied and resulted in minor variations
The Bingle (Bob cut short enough to be above the nape of the neck)
The Mingle (n.f.d means: No further details are known )
and The Cringle (n.f.d) appeared.
Other named Bobs:-
Orchid bob
Coconut bob
Egyptian bob
Moana Bob
Charleston Cut
Brushedback Bob
Windswept Bob
  &Eton Crop

Photograph : Laurence

Above photo dates from about 1930: Age about 18 years old  • Estimate: born 1912 ± 5 years