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Thirties hairstyle  • Coxcomb Curls

Late nineteen-thirties
thirties hairstyle
Coxcomb curls are best seen in profile as the finger curls are brushed back from a side parting on one side of the scalp or the other. Little or no attempt at styling was used at the back.The less dominant side was also curled but as the photos show the main feature of this hairstyle was to display rows of finger curls flowing back from the face.
It is worth repeating that all the hairstyles you will see will be hybrids of named styles. Every woman used her own taste and was influenced by whether she had a natural curl or, as was the case with most women a perm was needed. The styles serve as a guide to the date of a portrait. Like all 1930 fashions the cinema played an important part in the popularity of this hairstyle.
We can see that this style takes a woman's hair away from her face and thus was to lead to the styles of the war years and 1940s.

Above photograph dated about 1935: Age about 21 years old 

thirties hairstylethirties hairstylethirties hairstylethirties hairstyle