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1930s • Cinema Studios

• Styled on the popular filmstar cards of the late twenties and early thirties.

Photographic Studios which include the word Cinema specialised in producing portraits styled on the Film-star postcards of the day.They were mainly in London.
In these decades before Television the Cinema had a profound influence on society.
Film fans could buy postcards of their favourite filmstars from the cinema kiosk.
The most popular series available was called Picturegoer who produced well lit close-up portraits with a wide bottom margin giving the name of the filmstar.
This style was imitated by these studios. From the pose and lighting they used in these close-up portraits we are given to believe the sitter is a filmstar.The margin and lettering at the bottom adds to the illusion.

Many are quite convincing.

•   •   •   Intended to imitate the popular Picturegoer series of filmstar postcards sold at cinemas •

Beware you do not dismiss a portrait of a relative thinking it is an unnamed film star.