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Thirties • Violet date stamp

• The JEROME photograph was prominent throughout the 1930s
Jerome Ltd print envelope If the stamp is incomplete or smudged it is just typical it will be the year we cannot read.
Date stamping becme common on the reverse of studio portraits during the 1920s and diminished in the 1950s.
Voilet was the colour used for endorsing ink on stamp pads.
The Jerome photograph seems to prodominate the thirties in the way that Laurence had dominated the twenties.
Jerome, were fairly consistent in dating their prints.
Not all postcards with a Jerome mark will be from a studio as they would also produce postcard sized prints from private negatives and photographs.
During the thirties Jerome introduced a smaller size of portrait card about 4¾ inches120 mm high by 3 inches 75 mm wide.
On these the back is not marked as a postcard and they usually have the name Jerome printed on the back in script.
This smaller size Jerome Photo indicates the late thirties or the war years.

• As a rule of thumb I would date a badly smudged or feint Voilet stamp in the 1930s