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Thirties  • School Jersey

The Jersey with it's knitted collar was worn by both sexes from the mid twenties until the end of the thirties.
girl wearing a knitted jersey

Knitted Jerseys can be seen in photographs during the twenties but belong equally to the nineteen-thirties. So practical was this garment it was worn by both boys and girls aged from about 3 years old until they were in their late teens.

Knitted woollen Jerseys in a single colour or with simple coloured bands in the collar are the type most frequently seen.
There is usually a two button opening at the throat. Both sexes can be seen wearing knitted ties. Striped ties are also seen, more often on boys than girls. Any stripes in the collar and tie may have been in school colours. You will see hand knitted jerseys with visible stitches and also machine made examples with a higher stitch count.
Since the 1950s the advances in yarn quality have been spectacular. The quality of yarn we see in these photographs was extremely poor by today's standards. These Jerseys were in direct contact with the skin.I cannot overemphasise how rough they felt on a young person but were worn daily.

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