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1914-18 war • Canadian Expeditionary Force

• Canadian Soldier • Look for Maple Leaf cap and collar badges or fraction style collar numbers.

• Photographs of Commonwealth troops have found their way into family albums through wartime friendships.

Pte Archibald
This soldier is wearing the Canadian seven button tunic with high standing collar.The buttons are the "universal" leather plaited type and his"Canada" shoulder titles, the solid tablet variety
The maple leaf cap badge has caught the light and tells us nothing but his fraction style collar badges clearly reads.
Canada/25th Battalion

On his left cuff is a wound stripe.
Canadians can be seen in British tunics with British buttons as in the second row below but always have Canadian collar badges and Canadian shoulder titles.

• Above inscribed on the back in ink: Pte Archibald October 1917 Bramshott

• Canadian soldiers, apart from when wearing hospital blues as below will always have a collar badge.

696288 J.D.Ware 50th CEF61st CEF (Winnipeg)Maple leaf buttons and collar badges
4th Canadian Mounted Rifles2nd CEF (East Ontario10th CEF (Calgary)