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• Army Uniform Buttons

•  Generally Private soldiers and NCOs wore one or the other of these two buttons

On the left is the General Service brass button worn by all Regiments apart from Rifle Regiments who wore the black horn Bugle button shown on the right.

Later in the war, about 1917, leather buttons were issued.One was embossed with the Royal Arms and the other "Universal" button with a plait.
Leather Embossed Royal Arms "Universal"
Each Regiment did have its own individual button design but like collar badges these are not seen worn by enlisted men during the war.
During the war these Regimental buttons were only worn by Officers and some higher NCOs.
By about 1923 most Regiments had issued the appropriate buttons to all soldiers.
If a soldier is wearing Regimental Buttons in a photograph it probably dates from post-war

• Rifle Regiments often had black cap badges and shoulder titles  •