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Edwardian  • Infantry Uniform 1900-1908

Army Victoria to 1908 • Redcoat and Khaki drill
The sergeant on the left is wearing a red tunic with yellow collar and cuffs.
Yellow is the facing colour Each regiment wore coloured trim to their red tunics of the Norfolk Regiment. He has brass buttons, a dark red sergeant's sash and a white leather belt with a brass buckle.
He wears a Norfolk Regiment cap badge and a pair of Britannia collar badges.On each epaulette shoulder strap he has the word Norfolk in brass.

This was the last decade the British redcoat uniform was worn. The South African war of 1899 to 1902 against the Boers Dutch word for farmer, taught the British to wear less visible uniforms. The Boers were excellent shots. Redcoats are to this day only worn for ceremonies.