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The cost of a portrait was extremely high, so having ones photograph taken was not a casual event.
On average it cost about half a weeks income for a photo with a dozen copies. What would that be today?
Lady in swimsuit about 1912

There was always an excuse or a reason for incurring the expense of a studio portrait.
With many photographs the reason it was taken may be apparent.
With others the reason will be more subtle or not evident at all from the photograph.
The lady on the right is showing us the cup she has won and the raquet she won it with.
The lady on the left is much less obvious. Above the appliqued Sewn to the surface. LLSC logo which tells us she is a member of the Leicester Ladies Swimming Club is a very small badge in the shape of a lifebouy. It is the type of badge awarded for passing a life-saving test and is the probable reason for the photograph.

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Lady with tennis raquet and prize

• L.H.Photo by Cyril Leighton of Leicester • R.H Photo inscribed Evelyn aged 17

Every reason is not always obvious and most will be lost in time.I can assure you there always was one.