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Detecting • Silver Name Brooches

• Things which should work but often do not •
With the help of a magnifying glass we can read the name brooch worn by this woman. Her name is LIZZIE.

It may be of no use to you to know that she is known as Lizzie. However if you are not sure if this is a picture of your Great Grandmother Lizzie or her sister Beatrice then this is worthwhile detective work.
A common problem with photographs is when we don't know if the name Lizzie, written on the back, is the subject of the photo or the recipient.
This brooch tells us the answer.
However the bad news is that these fairly common Victorian and Edwardian brooches can rarely be read in photographs.
Silver name brooch MARYAn example of a typical sterling silver name brooch for MARY
Blow-up of the brooch LIZZIEThe woman on the left is wearing a silver name brooch LIZZIE

On occasions I have often studied features like this through a glass and suddenly in a certain light I will be able to read it clearly.

It may pay to ask a young friend or relation to try as they often have sharper eyesight.