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National Service Uniform-Army

Post War : On reaching the age of 18 all men were obliged to perform National Service for two years.
Royal Norfolk Regiment
The Post war battledress has a collar cut to expose the shirt and tie without displaying any lining. It has a fly front but the pocket buttons showing.
The wartime battledress tunics had either all buttons concealed or all buttons showing.
The dark blue beret is one indication of post war uniform.During the war a black beret was restricted to armoured corps
During the war Infantry cloth shoulder titles had with a few exceptions been white letters on red. Some of these changed to regimental colours. The titles on this soldier would have been black letters on yellow. Another post-war, indication not shown here, is the patch pocket on the left trouser leg. During the war this was badly placed on the front of the leg. Afterwards it was moved to one side.

Estimate: Photograph dates from