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 Photographic protocol :WHERE IS MUM ?. 

Family portraits of Mum and the children, sent to father who was away fighting in the forces are commonplace.
A family group studio portrait without Mother was unthinkable.

One shouldn't always think the worst • • •
 • • • but in this case we should .

 • Today there would be hundreds of possibilities why a family should be without a mother.
Divorce,separation & suicide  are all possible--- but improbable in those days.
Each year
 • Hundreds of women died in childbirth, or died of common infections and ailments which would be cured today. A few were away in asylums or sanitoriums but sadly an absent Mother will usually mean she is dead.

The girl in the centre photograph holds a photo of a woman and is inscribed on the back "From your Brother and Niece

The Influenza epidemic of 1919 caused the death of 250,000 mostly young British adults.