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Twenties hairstyle • The Windblown or Windswept Bob

In fashion from about 1923 to 1927
Windswept Bob

It is difficult to see where this style begins or ends
Personally I find it hard to distinguish whether the sitter had a rough journey to the photographers or has overdone the "Windswept" part of the look.
Perhaps it serves to prove that an attractive face can get away with anything.
This style was very popular at the time and has a place in hairstyle history.
The Extreme Windblown style makes these styles look neat and tidy.

Other named Bobs:-
Orchid bob
Coconut bob
Egyptian bob
Moana Bob
Brushedback Bob
Eton Crop
Charleston Cut
and the succeeding Shingle and its variants.

• Above photo inscribed Kathleen M. Merrick 11/2/24

Windswept Bob hairstyleWindswept Bob hairstyleWindswept Bob hairstyleWindswept Bob hairstyle