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Twenties hairstyle • The Brushedback Bob

In fashion from about 1926 to 1929
One of the shorter of the "bobbed" hairstyles.
Although this style was not as severe as the Eton Crop it still gave limited scope to the wearer.
It is of course possible that a proportion of these portraits are of women who have chosen to grow-out their Eton crop or were reluctant to fully adopt that style in the first place.
The Brushed-Back bob and the Eton crop were both styles which looked very attractive when worn by women with delicate features.
Easy to maintain and easy to wear under a cloche hat, it was a popular style in its day.

Other named Bobs:-
Orchid bob
Coconut bob
Egyptian bob
Moana Bob
Windswept Bob
Eton Crop
Charleston Cut
and the succeeding Shingle and its variants.

Photograph above by Navana of Oxford St London