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Twenties hairstyle • The Eton Crop

In fashion from about 1926 to 1927
Eton Crop The Eton crop was the shortest of the "bobbed" hairstyles.
It was named after the famous English school whose boys wore their hair slightly longer than was usual for the day. It was indeed sometimes termed the "boyish bob"
The sleek outline was achieved by the application of brilliantine, which was an early type of hair gel.
The style was short lived. I imagine those who wore it were strong-willed and confident.
The Eton crop attracted much press comment and was often the subject of cartoons.
Helen S. Best:London N22 Xmas 1927
; eton crop


Eton Crop Eton Crop Eton Crop Eton Crop Eton Crop
Eton Croptwenties short hairstyleEton Crop-short hairstyleEton Crop
Other named Bobs include:-
Orchid bob
Coconut bob
Windswept Bob
Brushedback Bob
Egyptian bob
Moana Bob
Charleston Cut
and the succeeding Shingle and its variants.
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