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Twenties  • extreme Windblown or Windswept hairstyle

Here we have the extreme of the windblown styles. Some would say it is one step away from no style at all.
twenties hairstyle

What can I say?
Here we have the extreme of the windblown styles
These women chose to adopt this style and wore it on a daily basis.
They were prepared to have a photograph taken and I have seen enough examples to confirm it was reletavely popular during the twenties.
I expect at the time they endured the critiscism and ridicule of the older generation.Nothing changes.

It must prove that in fashion terms a confident woman can get away with anything.

Personally I cannot see today's actresses in a "twenties" costume drama choosing to wear this style above the slicker bobbed styles available.
twenties hairstyle

This is a distinctive twenties style----Not to be confused with a "bad hair day".