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Twenties • Bobbed Hair

Seen on adults from before 1920 to the early 1930s.
Seen on adults from before 1920 to the early 1930s.
plain bobbed hairstyle Bobbed was the general term for any woman's short hairstyle.
It is another word for cropped. Cut short
Individual hairstyles aquired names such as:
Orchid bob
Coconut bob
Egyptian bob
Moana Bob
Charleston Cut
Eton Crop
Windswept Bob
Brushedback Bob
and the more enduring Shingle
The exact boundary between the Eton Crop, Orchid Bob, Coconut Bob and the others is not at all clear although every bobbed style you see was influenced by one or more of them.
In practice most adult bobbed styles were variations or hybrids of these named styles.
Once long hair has been cut it cannot be reversed consequently the adoption of the "Bob" was very gradual. The style began with younger women and cautiously spread to most age groups.
It is impossible to overstate the effect this practical hairstyle had on women's fashion and lifestyle throughout the 1920s and beyond

The popular American dancer Irene Castle is credited with the introduction of the "Bob" by adopting the style during the 1914-18 war.

The plain style of "bob" most frequently seen was worn by girls of school age throughout the twenties and thirties. The heriones of countless illustrated girls adventure stories all wore this hairstyle. The style usually had a straight fringe or a side parting and ended just below the ears. Very practical, easy to cut and maintain. The fringed version was later known as a "Page boy" cut.

Photograph above by Madame Selby Parsons of Palmers Green

twenties bobbed hairstyleplain bobbed hairstyleplain bobbed hairstyleplain bobbed hairstyle
Mums with growing daughters came under pressure to follow the latest hairstyle trend.

Nothing really changes.