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1914-18 War • Women's Land Army

Women's War Effort
Women's Land Army-First World WarThe success of the WFC (Women's Forage Corps) which had released men for Military service was extended to other Agricultural work. The Women's land army was formed from women volunteers, often they were town or city girls with no farming experience.
Photographs of First World War Land Army girls can be distinguished from those of the Second World war by the overall they wore.

The "cowcoat" style overall usually has a cloth belt with two buttons similar to many munition worker's tunics. Usually made from white material for girls mainly employed in dairy work or beige if the woman was employed on more general farm duties.
In photographs the early form of badge (The words "WOMENS LAND ARMY" forming a ring) appears as a white ring on a dark disk. This is either worn on the hat or on the tunic.The WLA armband was worn on the left upper arm.
The overall is usually long enough to conceal the fact the Land girl is wearing breeches ( knee length trousers ). Most women wore protective leather gaiters covering from knee to ankle
The hat which has a round crown and broad brim follows the popular style of the time .It was worn plain or with the brim cocked at one side.

First World War Land Girl