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1914-18 War • Women's Forage Corps

• W.F.C • Formed in 1915
WFC (unofficial) hat badge
The Women's Forage Corps did work connected with horse transport, primarily hay-making, forage and stable work.
Vast quantities of horses and mules were requisitioned by the army to transport weapons and supplies.
The demand for hay and fodder was enormous
Motorised transport gradually took over as the war progressed but the horse remained the prime form of transport.
In 1917 the army had over 800,000 horses on active service.
The Women's Forage Corps was formed in 1915.
The women were civilians but came under the control of the
Army Service Corps.
They also did driving and both made & mended tarpaulins and sacks.By 1917 their number had reached 8,000 women. The WFC were mainly based at British depots and army camps to tend the animals needs.
Do not confuse them with the Women's Forestry Corp also abbreviated WFC.
The success of the WFC contributed to the forming in 1917 of the much larger Women's Land Army for agricultural work.