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1914-18 War • Round Crown Hat

About 1916 to 1918 • Summer versions were in straw plait and winter hats were made of felt.

Woman in domed crown hat This domed style with medium width brim is the hallmark hat of the Great War.
As with all hats the hairstyle underneath had a large influence on the design. A transition had taken place from the wide hat supporting hairstyles of Edwardian years through side-swirl styles to these modest centre or off-centre parting styles of the Great War.
In most hairstyles from this time the longer hair at the back will be coiled in a bun or controlled by some other method. There would be enough bulk at the back to use a hat-pin if required.
It is plain from photographic evidence that this hat and the falling collar were contemporaries Around at the same time. .

So popular was this style of hat, it was chosen for many women's uniforms.
For example GPO Postwomen • Womens Auxiliary Army Corps • Forage Corps • Women's Land Army • Girl Guides •

• Usually this hat will be decorated with hatband of wide ribbon •

• Written on the back Muriel K. Beverton x Oct 1916 •