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1939-45 War • Royal Army Service Corps

• RASC • Army supply and transport• A battledress tunic
This photograph demonstrates how much can sometimes be gleaned from one tunic.
He wears an economy tunic with exposed plastic buttons.First issued 1940.
The subject is a Private in the British Liberation Army. His shoulder title and arm of service strip tell us he is in the RASC. His Division Sign is the Second Army which was formed in the summer of 1943, landed in Normandy and liberated Brussels and Antwerp in 1944.
The unofficial ribbons on his right pocket will be tokens from liberated Dutch or Belgian citizens.
On his left cuff is a steering wheel and star indicating his job as a driver/mechanic
The inverted chevron beneath the wheel is for two years good conduct.
On the cuff of his right sleeve are three Overseas Service Chevrons indicating that this is his third year abroad.
The plain back and deckled edges of this photograph are clues that it was taken on the Continent. In either Belgium, Holland or Germany.

Photographed on the Continent in late 1944 or early 1945