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Appendix A

Arm of Service Strip

Introduced on army battledress sleeves in 1940
Monochrome Colour
Infantry infantry  Infantry Regiments
Rifle RegimentsRifle Regiments Rifle Regiments
ChaplainChaplain Army Chaplains
Military PoliceMilitary Police Corps of Military Police
IntelligenceIntelligence Corps Intelligence Corps
Pay CorpsPay Corps Royal Army Pay Corps
EducationEducation Corps Army Education Corps
VetinaryVetinary Royal Army Vetinary Corps
Medical CorpsMedical Royal Army Medical Corps
ArtilleryArtillery Royal Artillery
EngineersEngineers Royal Engineers
ArmourArmour Royal Armoured Corps
Royal Army service CorpsRASC Royal Army Service Corps
SignalsSignals Royal Corps of Signals
DentalDental Army Dental Corps
PioneerPioneer Pioneer Corps
Catering CorpsCatering Corps Army Catering Corps
Army Air CorpsArmy Air Corps Army Air Corps
ReconnaissanceReconnaissance Reconnaissance Corps
OrdinanceOrdinance Royal Army Ordinance Corps
REMEREME Royal Electr.& Mech.Eng.
Physical TrainingPhysical Training Army Physical Training Corps