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Edwardian  • Crowning Glory

From Victorian days until the Great War the length of a woman's hair was greatly admired.
Long haired Edwardian girl
Photographs such as this show the pride girls in their mid teens had in their long tresses.
A girl might wear her long hair either as a single plait "Flapper" or, as here, held at the nape of her neck by a Butterfly Bow.
She wore knee length skirts.
From the age of Seventeen her dress length would drop to her ankles and her long hair would be lifted up upon her head to create one of the adult styles. She was no longer a child.

These portraits are often taken on or near a girls seventeenth birthday and are frequently dated.
Long hair was very much admired by both by other women and men and referred to as a woman's "Crowning Glory".
Later on this generation of women , in their twenties or thirties, faced the difficult choice of whether to have their hair "bobbed" or not.

•Above photo date about 1913 Aged about 17 Estimated born 1896

Long tressesLong tressesLong tresses
Long tressesLong tressesLong tresses