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1914-18  • Butterfly Hair-Bow

Popular fashion for girls from about 1912 to 1918
Big hair bow The large hair-bow is the hallmark of the Great War teenage girl.
I have seen more examples of it, than any other photograph.
Modest hair bows appear both before and after the war but a bow of generous proportions indicates the First War.

Unseen in most photographs the bow is tied around either long loose hair or a single plait. The earlier long flapper hairstyle, seems to have spent the war tied with the Butterfly Bow, until hair was bobbed in the next decade.

"It was at that time the fashion for young girls to tie their long hair with a coloured bow of monstrous size and the larger it was, the more fashionable it was considered."
(1914-18 War)
[History of Norwich High School 1875-1950]

Photograph above by C.D.Crooke of Edinburgh •   Inscribed "Isabel 1914 "