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1939-45  • Utility Dress with yoke

from Spring 1942 • Simple style with yoke in contrasting colour

From 1941 clothing was rationed. Shops would only sell a small amount to each person. So that everyone had a fair share.

utility symbol
In Spring 1942 the Government introduced the Utility Scheme which applied to clothing manufacturers and aimed to reduce any wasteful use of cloth. Two thirds of clothing produced had to conform to rules which restricted wasteful decoration, wasteful methods of production and cost.
This is a typical Utility dress probably made of Rayon A man-made fibre: Cotton or silk would need to be imported by ship fabric and dyed with a limited range of strong colours. It has the almost obligatory short sleeves.
The shirtwaist style dress uses a contrasting yoke to add interest to an otherwise basic design.
This hairstyle mirrors the softer post war look.

Photograph by Donald Nobbs • Date stamp on the back: 25 Aug 1945

Date 1945: Age about 14 years old  • Estimate: born 1931± 3 years