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Post-War • Beachwear

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forties fifties swimwear

This girl is wearing what would later become the Bikini.

The "Suntop and Trunks" has moved on to the two-piece swimsuit. By any standards it is a modest garment. Although the midriff is exposed neither half could be described as "revealing".
At this date for a girl to show her navel belly button would have been in bad taste and totally unacceptable.
Two piece costumes had become popular during the war years. This outfit is designed for the beach rather than serious swimming. It is probably home-made from a pattern.

The original picture is a Dufaycolor transparency.

Swimsuits with vestigal skirts in either plain or ruched fabric were the most popular style for swimmers.
The true bikini was born in Continental Europe when the navel was exposed in the early fifties but it was not until the early Sixties that the bikini became a common sight in Britain.

About 19 years old  • date about 1949 • Estimate born 1930 ± 3 years

fifties swimwearfifties swimwearfifties swimwearfifties swimwear