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Twenties Hairstyle  • The Frizzy Hairstyle

Women with naturally frizzed hair could adopt a tousled bob hairstyle.
The bulky hairstyles of the Victorian and Edwardian days had favoured women born with naturally frizzy hair.
(By frizzy hair I mean fine hair with an irregular wild natural curl which often resists grooming and control.)
For decades women with frizzed hair had been envied by other women for the bulk it gave to these longer styles.
Wavy, curly or frizzy hair was a natural asset a girl appreciated and other people admired.

Generally the new short styles favoured women with straight hair but not all bobbed styles were slicked with brilliantene  a 1920s brand of hair gel.
Women with naturally frizzy hair often chose to adopt a tousled style which utilised that type of hair.
Tousled styles such as the Windswept Bob were very popular.
A century of short hairstyles was about to begin which gave most women choices in styles never available before. This was the beginning of that era.
A woman born with frizzed hair cannot follow every trend. It was the same then as it is today.

The above photograph dates from about 1920

Date about 1920: Age about 20 years old  • Estimate: born 1900 ± 5 years

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