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Edwardian • The Low Pompadour hairstyle

• about 1905 to 1914

Among the bulky Edwardian hairstyles the Low Pompadour was, I imagine, one of the easier to maintain.

Many Edwardian hairstyles involved padding. The crescent shaped padding for a Low Pompadour went from ear to ear over the top of the wearers head. The hair was taken from the forehead hairline straight over the pad to the back where it was retained by whatever method the wearer chose.
These methods included a bun, cottage loaf , coils or simply tied.
It was the front appearance which mattered most.
Women who wore a full Pompadour hairstyle for formal occasions could put their hair in a Low Pompadour for daily wear.

• Above inscribed: To Cissie with the complements of the season from Annie

Date about 1914: Age about 16 years old  • Estimate: born 1898 ± 3 years