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Edwardian  • "The Pompadour" hairstyle

from before 1900 to about 1906 •
Woman-head and shoulders-pompadour hairstyle Gibson Girl-sketch of head

The Pompadour was a hangover from the Victorian era.
This hairstyle was popular from the 1890s and is seen in the "Gibson An artist who drew pictures of girls who looked like this photograph girl" illustrations of the time.
The style spilled over into the first years of the 20th century when large elaborately trimmed "Picture" hats continued to be worn. It was usual for this hairstyle to include rolls of padding.
Usually the full Pompadour hairstyle was kept for special occasions.
Women adopted the simpler Low Pompadour hairstyle for daily wear.
Hats were worn high on the head held in place by long hatpins. As the decade progressed the trim on hats decreased as the brim size increased.

Above photograph by Alison of Belfast  • Inscribed on the back: Rosalind Hillier.

In most photographs showing a full Pompadour the woman will be wearing a ball gown.