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fashion • Daytime Pearls

Girls with pearls from about 1947 to 1955
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The pearls alone appear throughout the decades but together with other indications can confirm a photograph dating from this time.
"Cultured" Oysters were induced to grow pearls by having particles inserted inside the shells pearls from the Far East were available at affordable prices. Less expensive artificial pearls were of an exceptable quality. Pearls became both fashionable and available.
The Twinset and Pearls look has been covered in this same section.
Basically here is little difference in fashion and style of postwar Britain until the early fifties when the economy had recovered.
The square shoulder look of wartime clothing and lifted hair gave way to a softer rounder profile.

About 18 years old  • date about 1950 • Estimate born 1932 ± 3 years

• This style carried on into the early fifties.