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wartime fashion  • Bolero Jacket

from 1941

The Bolero style jacket was a result of clothes rationing .

From 1941 clothing was rationed. Shops would only sell a small amount to each person. So that everyone had a fair share.
Provided it was less than 16 inches long ,had no collar, was not made of wool and had no sleeves below the elbow; a woman could purchase Bolero style jacket using only two clothing coupons.
In economy of materials and labour the Bolero was almost perfection. In some ways it anticipated the Clothing (Restrictions) Orders which partly dictated clothing design throughout the war.
Watkins the president of the Board of Trade described the bolero as "a magnificent garment"
At home an ill fitting jacket could be made into a Bolero.

• Photo above by E.Wells of Lancing

Date about 1943