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1939-45  • Clothes Rationing

Clothing Coupons • In force from 1941 until May 1950
measures 134mm x 93mmEvery person was issued with a Clothing Book containing coupons which had to be handed to the shop keeper when clothing was purchased.
Each shop had a list of how many coupons were needed for each item of clothing.
Drapery,bedding, cloth and knitting yarn were all rationed.
The correct number of coupons were cut from the book and kept by the shop assistant.The shopkeeper needed the coupons to replenish his or her stock.
As supplies grew short the amount of coupons issued per year decreased.
When coupons ended, price control remained to stop profiteering on shortages.
Actual size 18mm square

• 1941: 66 coupons per person • 1943: 48 coupons • 1945 : 36 coupons per year

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