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Post-War • Windcheater

Boys from 1948 into the early Fifties
Both boys on the left wear identical two tone windcheaters with zips.

In every home in the land the women spent most evenings hand knitting while they talked or listened to the wireless. Windcheaters and cardigans in this two tone style are often seen in knitting patterns for men & boys at the close of the forties.
Although available pre-war the zip had almost disappeared during the war. Available again, zip fasteners were still made of metal and too heavy for general use except as used here.
Generally speaking dresses and girls slacks were still fitted with "hooks and eyes" or "poppers"and men's trousers fastened with buttons.

These boys have hairstyles with the suggestion of a quiff a lifted wave of hair at the front. Both have a shirt & tie,short woollen trousers and knee socks with a diamond pattern popular at the time.

About 12 years old  • date about 1949  • Estimate born 1937 ± 3 years

• Long trousers were not manufactured in sizes to fit boys under 13 years of age. (Government austerity rules)