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1939-45 War • Womens Royal Naval Service

• WRNS • The women's section of the Royal Navy
Cloth Signals Badge
For security reasons during World War 2 all Royal Navy sailors and Wrens wore just H.M.S His Majesty's Ship on their cap tally.Black ribbon with gold letters worn round the cap. The name of the ship was omitted.
This Wren A girl sailor also wears a pair of crossed signal flags on her right sleeve indicating that she is a Visual Signaller.She would have been capable of sending and receiving messages from shore to ship and vice versa.Wrens did not go to sea.
During hours of darkness this would have been by morse code using an Aldiss lamp. A powerful torch switched on and off with a trigger

Photograph by Coe of Norwich

About 20 years old  • Estimate: born 1923 ± 5 years