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1939-45 War • Women's Auxiliary Air Force

• WAAF the women's section of the RAF • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Radar Operator
WAAF CorporalRAF badge

RAF shoulder eagleRAF shoulder eagle

The LACW above right is wearing the battle-dress she would have worn when on duty.
During the war radar was top secret. Radar operators were forbidden to talk about their work even to family.
The "fist & sparks" badge is the wireless (which included radar) operators trade badge.
The propeller badge is her rank, LACW.Leading Aircraft Woman
WAAF servicewomen performed many duties as diverse as aircraft mechanics to barrage balloon crews. Usually photographs were taken in Service uniform The best uniform worn in public as shown above on the left, which had brass RAF buttons and an eagle Some say it is an Albatross on each shoulder seam. The early volunteers often had the letter A (for Auxiliary) beneath but this was omitted later in the war. There were often no badges to show which duties she performed.

Above on left "Sheila"    On right :-2030378 LACW Joyce Mary Grummant - Radar/Op II 5/5/42 to 22/7/46

Joyce Grummant was born in 1923. Photo date about 1944.