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Edwardian  • Side-Swirls hairstyle

Popular fashion for young women from about 1909 to 1914

The Side-swirls hairstyle is associated with the smart educated Edwardian woman.
Commonly seen worn with a high necked blouse, giving a clean elegant style.
Worn with a collared blouse and necktie, this was the style adopted by women office workers such as typists and secretaries.Often seen in group photographs of women college students,the centre parting and symetrical Swirls denote clean efficiency.
Equally popular was the Side Swirl style with an off centre parting.
This style allowed women to wear the hats in fashion at that time , without resorting to the padding and French combing back combing which the Hatpin hairstyle required.

Above photograph inscribed on reverse with a message dated Xmas 1912