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Edwardian style  • Glasses

• Pince Nez
Designed to be unobtrusive not to be noticed the name Pince Nez comes from the French "pinch nose".
The drilled glass lenses were joined by a U shaped sprung clip which gripped the bridge of the nose.
The spectacles had no side arms and most had no rims to the lenses.
A wire loop went over one ear. This was attached to a safety cord or chain, in case the glasses fell off.

Pince nez were at the peak of popularity during Edwardian years and were worn by all ages. Some accustomed People who got used to wearing them. wearers retained them into the 1920s.

• Photo: The Castle Studios Richmond SW • • • Inscribed: with fondest love Pru 20/10/12

Above dated 1912: Age about 21 years old  • Estimate: born 1891 ± 5 years