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Edwardian • Short Lapels

In fashion about 1900 to 1910

Popular during the first few years of the twentieth century this high buttoned jacket had distinctive short lapels.
When seen in full length many of these, but not all, are drape jackets, worn with only the top button fastened. The style included a vertical starched round cornered shirt collar and soft fabric tie.
Loosely knotted the tie was usually tucked into a high waistcoat but never reaches the top of the shirt collar.
The knot is centered on the shirt collar opening covering the collar stud but leaving a gap of up to half an inch one centimeter at the top.
A neat short hairstyle with no sideburns and a side parting completed the look. 8

Above portrait he is about about 20 years old  • date 1905 • Estimate born 1985 ± 3 years

• Photo:Walter Scott, Bradford … Inscribed: Xmas 1905 Harry B Rawnsley