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Twenties • Shiny Shins

1920 to 1930
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This portrait contains more than its fare share of nineteen twenties fashion indicators.
The shoes, the dress,the scoop neckline, the beads, the glasses the bobbed hairstyle, the watch, not one but two! slave bangles- all declare "nineteen twenties".
To top it all she has shiny shins often seen in portraits of this era.
The shorter dresses of this decade called for sheer stockings.
Progress in semi-synthetic fibres produced "artificial silk" which was renamed Rayon in 1927.These yarns were naturally used to manufacture a cheaper alternative to silk stockings.
Both real and artificial silk stockings give a shiny highlight down the length of the shin bone.
The true synthetic fibre Nylon was not invented until 1940.

Date about 1924: Age about 17 years old  • Estimate: born 1907 ± 3 years