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1939-45 War • R.E.M.E

• Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers• 15th Scottish Division
The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was formed in 1942.
It took over from the Royal Engineers the more delicate electrical and mechanical engineering 1940s warfare demanded.

His uniform has the R.E.M.E Known as:Ree-Mee shoulder title and arm-of-service strip between which is the Lion patch of the 15th Scottish Division.
A REME private would normally wear the infantry side cap but men in the 15th division wore the Scottish Balmoral bonnet. Behind the R.E.M.E cap badge is a vertical striped silk backing in the CorpsPronounced : Corecolours of blue, yellow & red, although neither are clearly visible in this photograph. Other details are a 2 years good conduct chevron on his left cuff and the medal ribbon of the 1939-43 (sic sic means 'this is not a mistake') star above his pocket.
By the time the actual metal medal was issued it had been renamed the 1939-45 star.

Photograph by E.Wells of Lancing

Date about 1944. Age about 23 years old  • Estimate: born 1921 ± 5 years