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1939-45 War • Army Officer

• Second Lieutenant • Royal West Kent Regiment
In both this and the First World War Officer's uniforms were privately tailor made. This Second Lieutenant The Americans say Loo-tenant the british say Lef-tenant has one metal "pip" on his epaulette. He is wearing his Sam Brown belt.

Army Officers wore the same style of uniform in both wars.
The bronzed Royal West Kent collar badges portray a crown and lion upon a scroll.
His regimental buttons are again Royal West Kent.

Only this and his shirt collar tells us this is World War Two. In the First War his shirt collars would be pinned together, underneath his fashionably "tugged" tie knot.

Photograph unattributed

Date: about 1943 Aged: Early twenties  • Estimate: born 1921 ± 5 years