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• 1939-45 War • Royal Air Force Air Crew

• RAF • Bomb aimer
This man wears an RAF cap and cap badge. His rank we cannot see but his half Brevet One winged badge with the letter B tells us he is a Bomb Aimer.
Medium and heavy bombers carried crew numbers which varied in quantity depending on the size of aircraft. The pilot and co-pilot wore full wings. Other members of the crew wore half brevets which was a single wing emerging from a wreath which contained up to three letters. These letters indicate the crew member's function.
  • N for Navigator (1942)
  • B for Bomb Aimer (1942)
  • AG for Air Gunner (1939)
  • WAG for Wireless Air Gunner
  • S for Air Signaller (1944)
  • RO for Radio Observer (Airborn Radar)(1941)

Photograph by Doran's Studio Filey

About 20 years old  • Estimate: born 1924 ± 5 years