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fashion • Postwar Look

The softer post-war look from about 1947 to 1955
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The improvements in the quality of life seems somehow to reflect in the photographic portraits of peacetime Britain.
The privations of wartime conditions, had shown in people's faces.
Postwar Britons were better fed and had better heating.
The benefits of family life had been restored when servicemen and women returned to their homes.
Basically here is little difference in fashion and style of postwar Britain until the early fifties when the economy had recovered.
The square shoulder look of wartime clothing and lifted hair gave way to a softer rounder profile.
Modest use of make-up reflected the availability of a greater range of beauty products.
Sitters seem to exude an air of confidence and optimism combined with a reluctance to look at the camera lens.

About 17 years old  • date about 1950 • Estimate born 1933 ± 3 years

• This style carried on into the early fifties.