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fashion  • Paper Parasol

All the 1920s
Usually seen in beach photographs or seaside studios the Japanese paper parasol is a 1920s indication.
The British holiday maker has always had a need to aquire relatively impractical inexpensive holiday souvenirs. In the nineteen twenties this often included an Oriental paper parasol.
British working men and women have always saved money to spend on holiday.The economics of their daily life usually involved thrift being careful with money. People have always expressed their holday spirit by spending on trivial items they did not actually need, it is part of human nature.
Later generations brought back equally impractical gifts such as castanets and toy fighting bulls from the Spanish reviera. Nothing changes.
In the 1920s women spent a little of their holiday money on paper parasols.
There are photographs to prove it.
Use your own discretion in fancy-dress pictures where adults or children are wearing oriental dress. These may date from any era.