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1939-45  • Make-do and mend -Swimwear

A snug fitting prewar rouched one piece could be remodelled as Suntop and Trunks.•
Clothing coupons were precious and swimwear had low priority during the war .
Posters and advertisments encouraged people to "make-do Put up with what they already had and mend".
A growing girl could "make-do" with her old swimsuit. But even the versatile rouched fabric swimsuit, which had fitted at the end of the thirties, had its limits.

Any needlewoman would have been capable of converting a one piece into this practical and fashionable two piece Suntop and Trunks .
 So they did.

Top photo dated August 1941: Age about 19 years old  • Estimate: born 1922± 3 years