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• 1939-45 War • Army Infantry

Uniform changes later in the war
This photograph shows four indications that it was taken towards the end of the war.

Firstly he wears a collar and tie which was authorised for private soldiers from November 1944.
Secondly he is wearing a GS General Service cap, which was a beret style cap authorised from late 1943.
Thirdly his RASC cap badge is brown plastic; a type introduced from late 1942 as an economy measure They were cheaper to make. It appears at least 3 times as thick as the brass badge it replaced.
Lastly the back of the photograph suggests it was probably taken in mainland Europe; therefore after D-Day The day friendly soldiers landed to recapture France ( 6th June 1944 )

Back of photograph blank apart from 4 lines.

• Estimate:date 1945: age 20yrs born 1925 ±3 years